Water retention in body

Water storage in the body.

Some people say they don’t eat much skip meals still they are fat.  If water stays in the body, doesn’t go out in the form of sweat, tears or urine, it gets stored in stomuch, liver, kidney and intestine. When this dirty water doesn’t get out, tummy, face, waist looks fat. If water gets stored in stonuch like this, its called ascites. If water is stored in lungs, its called Pulmonary Edema. When body starts storing water, it happens in two ways. Water can be stored in all parts of the body  or  it can be stored in one area.

First face looks fat. Then patients can see swelling in legs and hands, tummy, neck and chin areas will look fat. To findout if water stored in stomuch, press your tummy. If you hear the sound, you have excess water in the body. If water in lungs, patient feels little difficulty in breathing and tiredness all the time. Ancient Indian Ayurveda has good home remedy for this problem. Drink butter milk everyday,  use Ghee(melted liquid butter), Honey, Jaggery. Barley grains can be cooked and mix drained water in butter milk and drink everyday for relief from excess water. Also use Jaggery, Ghee HOney in everyday diet.

Mix  half spoon honey in a cup of hot/ warm water every morning and drink before breakfast in empty stomuch.

Jaggery can be eaten with water or milk. It helps clear water, flem from lungs and also gives good night sleep wneh taken with warm milk at night, after dinner.

If exess water is in legs and thigh, don’t sit for a long time. Walk as much as possible or stand. While sleeping keep 2 -3 pollows under your legs, so water will not store in the legs. And weating honey, jaggery, barley, butter milk will reduce the quantity of water eventually.

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