The C word: Cancer

Love, hope and miracles are the most powerful words in any language. To be able to love and be loved is the greatest gift one can ever receive. To be able to hope and dream for a better tomorrow is the only way some people live their today. Miracles are the only reason why so many theories are not explained every day. 

Inspite of all these, there are days where meaning to life is lost, when lives are lost, to one of the most horrifying diseases the modern world has succumbed to: Cancer.  

What happens when a person is diagnosed with cancer, he/she alone knows. The people think not for their own self first, but for their family. They wonders what would happen to their parents, their spouse, their children, their extended family if they were not around for them. They know there is no substitute who can fill their position in the family when they are not around, either while they are undergoing treatment or when they are no longer in their physical self. Only after all this will they think of the pain they are going to suffer along the treatment or without the treatment. 

The entire process of getting diagnosed with cancer is extremely terrifying and there are a lot of questions running in the mind of the patient about the disease itself, its progressive stages and treatment options. Getting through the treatment, one often wonders if they did the right decision of choosing either the chemotherapy, or the surgery or a combination of both or radiotherapy. 

We at Medisense understand what you are going through. We know that when days have passed and you have made through most of it or some of it, you might feel, why were you the target for this disease? You might feel like there is no tomorrow or you might feel like you don’t want a tomorrow. When your stomach is burning in the acids produced or your tongue has blisters all over for you to even swallow food, you might want to shout out loud for what you are going through. When you are in and out of consciousness not knowing if you will remember the family you have, you might want to shout at all those people who you think might be responsible for your lost time. 

We understand that if you were a patient, you might want to cry, you might want to shout, you might even want to break that crystal vase that you have treasured all your life. You might want to pull God out of heaven and ask him why? Why were you the chosen one? Or why anyone at all? You might want to fight your doctor and say why am I seeing all that is not in sight? Why are my decisions so petrified? You might want to scream at all those responsible for bringing you food thats laden with pesticides. You might even want to shriek at those care givers who don’t understand how to reduce the pain you are engulfed in. We understand that you might just want to separate your life from this all.  

If you considered Medisense your extended family we would like the families to know that there are days they will smile, there are days they will not. There are moments they will cry and there are times they will be alright. Everyday is not the same. They are going through hell and back everyday. Sometimes along with everything that you can give them, they needs a random stranger they can just share their thoughts and feelings with, without being burdened with the thoughts of being judged. They might need a person who can assure them “Its going to be alright.”, even though sometimes there is nothing going right. 

Miracles do happen. They happen every day and to everyone. We just fail to notice them. For some one, miracle might be getting a regular life after being treated for breast cancer. For some one, it might be a few years with their loved ones, for some others it could be seeing their daughter or son getting married in some months, for some others it could be waiting for the birth of their grandchild or another baby in the family. For some others, it could simply be seeing another day. Miracles are many. We just need to tell ourselves “Miracles do happen.” 

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