A Cup of Coffee Every Day May Lower the Risk of Liver Cancer

Posted on August 11th, 2020 by Seshu Narayana

Finally, some respite for caffeine lovers! Your daily cup of coffee may not be as bad as you have been told. A new study, published in the journal BMJ Open, suggests that a your daily dose of coffee can help prevent the risk of liver cancer by nearly 50 per cent. For the longest time, […]

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Is coffee Healthy?

Posted on July 22nd, 2020 by Seshu Narayana

Yes, go ahead and grab that cup of joe, or two, or more. Doing so may improve your health and help you live longer, suggests new research. In an observational study involving close to 20,000 individuals, people who consumed at least four cups of coffee daily had a 64% lower risk of early death compared […]

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An extra cup of coffee could up the odds of a migraine

Posted on July 20th, 2020 by Seshu Narayana

Drinking an extra cup of coffee — or other caffeinated beverage — could up the odds of a migraine among those prone to getting them, a new study suggests. Harvard researchers found that having a third cup of coffee, for example, if you regularly drink one to two, might trigger an extreme headache, according to […]

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