iMedWorks always protect your personal information. This Privacy Policy is for those who intended to use . It is advised to keep tab on Privacy Policy as we may revise it entirely or some points without any notice.  If you are disagree to our Privacy Policy, you must not access or use

Personal and Non-Personal Information

At imedworks, we collect personal and non-personal information from you. In personal information we may collect such as your name, email, address, telephone number payment information (Secured: PCI/DSS compliant hosting) and business information in order to fully use our platform.

We may collect non personal information from you such as but not limited to your location, age, zip code, IP address, browsing history, registration history, search history referring URL, operating system, data transferred, interaction with the website and ISP.

Use of Your Information

Some of your information such as your username, country and your skills will be visible to other users only to facilitate communication. You agree we use your personal and non-personal information in following ways:

  • To improve users’ experience.
  • To share your information with other user.
  • To process your transactions.
  • To contact you via email or electronic communication related to

On our behalf, third parties may use your information to perform functions and provide services to us. Further, we may give your information as per request of any law Government agency that have jurisdiction over us.

We may report and release your information without any request of third parties to concern law enforcement department, if we believe that you have violated any laws. You release us from any damages that may arise from it

Editing and Removing Your Information

You can edit any of your information at any stage in your account. If you have any queries or wish to change the settings or want to access any of your information that we have collected, or wish to delete your account permanently, please contact us at We may keep copies of your information after you cancelled the account in subject to our data retention policies.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies or related technologies to remember your preferences, location, identify you, webpages visited by you, how much you visit certain site and for security purposes. You must enable cookies in your browser to use Some of our partner and third parties may access cookies or related technologies.

Third Party Access to Your Information

While using the iMedWorks throughout the provision of our services to you, you may encounter links to third party’s websites. For this reason, you agree to authorize permission to us and third parties that we may corresponds. They may collect, access and disseminate your information, and you agree not to hold us liable for their actions.

iMedWorks or other users may post links to third party websites that we have no control over. By accessing these links you agree to their Privacy Policies and Terms of Conditions and you release us from any liability.

Got a Questions?

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, or you just want to say Hi, feel free to contact us at