Nearly 40% People Ignore Spine Related Diseases

Nearly 20% of the young population in the age group of 16-34 age group are treated for back and spine conditions, according to a report by QI Spine Clinic, which is specialized in spinal diagnosis. The most affected age-groups and common problems faced by people are in these four cities – New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune.

While Delhi’s young population treated for back pain problems is the highest at 25% followed by Bengaluru at 23%. However, the age-group that is most affected by back and spine problems is 35-54. With 46% of Bengaluru’s population in this age-group reporting of spinal issues makes it the highest amongst the four cities. Bengaluru is followed by Delhi at 43%, Mumbai at 41% and Pune at 38%.

‘Back or neck pain should not be neglected. Early treatment can solve the pain and the root cause of the problem within a short span of time providing complete recovery.’
In India, 45% of the people in these four cities neglect their pain for more than 7 weeks which leads to delayed treatment& increases the risk of surgery. Pune accounts for the highest number of negligence at 53% followed by New Delhi (49%), Bangalore (46%) and Mumbai (40%) respectively.

The treatment rate for women is 8% lower as compared to men but men delay their treatment more than women. The ratio between women and men is 46:54.

Through X-rays and MRIs (Magnetic resonance imaging) you can diagnose your spinal problems. However, often MRIs fail to detect how severe the condition is and in such cases, digital spine analysis is preferred. After it is detected, doctors will give medications or suggest a surgery depending on the condition.


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