Is it time to do our bit for the wheelchair bound ?

As it is life is hard sometimes. It is harder when you are responsible completely for a person bound to the wheelchair. It is hardest when you are doing it all alone.

Its blessing to be normal and this cannot be proven more when we see someone who is strapped to the wheels for life. Has anyone ever imagined what the life of the person behind the wheels is? It is usually a spouse, parent or a sibling whose selfless effort goes unnoticed. A typical day begins and ends with the person to be cared for. Every day is a typical day. And there are no breaks for the nights. The nights are on – call. So, if you really look at it, it is 24×7. Affording a full time help is out of dreaming options for many people.

In India, unfortunately and sadly there is nothing that will make the lives of these care takers any better. More so if you are not one of the rich. If it’s a husband-wife duo, there is not one place that they can go to other than  the hospital. Don’t they deserve to enjoy the rich natural heritage our country has blessed upon us? Not a single ramp for wheel chairs in any public places. Why can’t they enjoy a cup of coffee at a coffee bar? Because there are no vehicles that can take them there. Getting in and out of a sedan is a daunting task. No buses are equipped to house a wheelchair. So, can we imagine a day without stepping out of our homes?  These people are never going out. Not for coffee, not to the religious places of worship for inner peace, not to attend any family events, not for anything. I always thought that being amidst nature helped us grow spiritually and it gave me immense joy. I never thought that someone who is taking care of a special needs person needs it more than me. Not just the caretaker but the patient needs it too. All the more. When things are not going right for them they need to derive strength from some place and what better than nature to give them that strength they much need?

I wished for the sake of these people that our country became more friendly to such people so that the care givers can continue giving selfless love and support to their loved ones. Small changes in our society can make life changing changes to these lives. They are living too,remember? But rather a cursed life. A book club where a small book is read, a park where the children can play and watch other children or a ramp to a coffee place can make wonders. Let’s make someone’s life worthwhile. Let’s make a better India.

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