I have tiny acne on face and it releases white thing on scratching. What is that?

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Hello doctor,

I have some acne on my face. It is not painful or big but it is very tiny and it appears for one night only, and in the morning wherever I got that small tiny acne my skin is little red and for this I have tried everything. I apply Adapalene for this but when I apply Adapalene on my skin it makes my skin a little red and dry. I have tried Clindamycin phosphate solution, Nadibact cream also but it also did not work.

The thing I have is not acne but something like tiny acne which appears in just six to seven hours and when I scratch it, then very little white thing comes out. I have also tried Emodel ds lotion and then Adaplene, but it makes my skin oily and alone Adapalene makes my skin little red and some little red bumps on my skin. What is this and what should I do? Previous year my skin is extremely clear and flawless but since January, I am facing this issue. I want to know the type of acne I have as these are so soft to pluck.

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