How to get detailed answers for my health queries?

When posting a health query to the doctors, make sure you have provided enough details for them to understand your problem.

  • Details of the symptoms
  • Details regarding current treatment and medications.
  • Attach photos or medical reports, if any.

How do I register as a doctor on the site?

There is a separate registration page on the site to register as a practicing physician.

Can I use iMedWorks on multiple devices?

Yes, a user will be able to log in through multiple devices (Webpage, Android, & IOS) at a time.

How to use discount coupons at iMedWorks?

We may occasionally distribute discount or FREE coupons and Cashback offers through our various coupon partners. You can apply the coupon code on the payment page, where the option to redeem is available.

I do not know which specialty I should choose for my problem?

If you are not aware of which specialty to post your query in, the moderation team will divert your query to the right doctor.


How to share previous history and consultation documents with my doctor when I post a query?

The user will have to upload files in step 1 while posting a querys.

How shall I upload and share my DICOM files with a doctor?

Users have the option to upload DICOM files on the site in step 1 while posting their query on the site. A link containing the file will be automatically attached to their query once the files have been uploaded successfully.

How do I chat with a doctor?

You can chat with a doctor on the site by posting a query on the site.

Will I receive the doctor’s answer in my email?

The user will be notified via email once their query has been answered. They will have to log in to their iMedWorks account to see the answer.

How long will it take for a doctor to answer my queries?

Typically, the doctor will answer as soon as they see the query. It takes around 4 to 8 hours on an average. The deadline for free queries is 24 hours, common or direct queries is 4-8 hours, and that of priority fast track queries is 1 hour.

How will I know if my query has been answered?

You will be notified via Email once your query has been answered.

    Offers and promotions

How do I share this service with a friend?

You can provide a promotional code to your friend, who is not already registered on the site. If the new user registers using this specific promo code, referral bonuses will be added to both of your wallets.

How long will the prepaid plan offers remain in my account?

The amount added to your wallet once you have purchased a prepaid package will stay in your wallet forever until depleted by you.

    Doctor Selection

Can I choose my own doctor?

Yes, a user can select a specific doctor for a query, chat or consultation. The user can choose their doctors in “Doctors” tab using on search functionality.

How do I search for a doctor?

You can search for a specific doctor registered on iMedWorks in the Doctors page. This page will also provide you the option to filter doctors based on your requirements.

How do I approach the same doctor to consult again or after sometime?

You will find the option to post follow-up queries to the same doctor under each query chain. Your profile will display the list of all doctor profiles you have consulted so far as well.


How do I make a payment?

Users can pay through four different kinds of payment modes. PayPal Debit/Credit Cards (Of Any Bank) Netbanking (Of Any Bank) Walletss

Can I ask a query for free?

All new users on the site have the option to post their first query for free.

What should I do if I do not receive an OTP SMS?

In such a case, you can contact the support team via the support chat box on the site or by emailing them to

How to download my invoice?

The user will be able to download the invoice for all payments they have made from the transaction page.


Is the website GDPR Compliant?

Yes, our website is GDPR compliant.

Are my personal details secure?

All personal details you enter in your query are secure.