EECP Therapy – A new, cheaper, non-invasive treatment for heart disease

EECP- Enhanced External Counter Pulsation is gaining prominence as far treating a heart disease is concerned. It is in fact a non-invasive surgical method employed to un-block the clogged arteries and blood vessels that carry blood to the human heart. Leggings are placed within your legs which are fitted with pneumatic cuffs. Whenever the heart beat has completed a contraction the same is detected on the EECP machine and the capillaries expand and give a better passage to pump blood into the heart.

The non-surgical method is definitely cheaper when compared to a bypass surgery. The total cost of EECP is 95,000 almost one-fourth of what it costs you to do a bypass surgery. Bypass surgery is done wherein artificial stents are introduced to expand the passage of blood carrying vessels to the heart muscle. This corrects blocked arteries. But there is a significant amount of risk involved while performing the operation. The chances of survival quotient of the patient involved, gets challenged apart from being very costly.

EECP heart treatment in a nutshell

What does EECP actually do?

The patient has leggings attached in between his/her legs and these are fitted with cuffs. The cuffs inflates with every contraction and sequentially contracts with every expansion felt by the heartbeat. The opposite swings between the cuff movement and heart muscles facilitates as a form of exercise which is experienced by the body. This is the reason why symptomatic reactions of chest pain or fatigue as experienced by patients even after a bypass surgery is nullified in this method of treatment.

The treatment takes an hour each for 35 sittings. Patients are able to experience very good results with the non-invasive mode of treatment. In Bangalore itself, there are four centers for EECP wherein you can avail the treatment. Medanta in Gurgaon, Frontier Lifeline Hospital (Dr KM Cherian Heart Foundation) in Chennai, BM Birla Heart Research Centre in Kolkata and Asian Heart Institute & Research Centre in Mumbai are some of the other units offering EECP at the national level.

Few take-aways from the session and pointers to maintain a healthy and a young heart

You ladies go for a facial session at the beauty parlor to get a glowing and a youthful skin, isn’t it? What do you really do about maintaining a healthy heart? Just think about it.

Drink plenty of water to keep the body well hydrated. A well hydrated body promotes better blood circulation and the enhanced blood circulation adds to the wellness of the heart muscles as well.
Do an hour of yoga or deep breathing exercises. Practicing meditation or deep breathing gives you a relaxing effect. Most importantly it keeps the blood pressure down which is needed for the healthy functioning of the heart.
Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables especially to reduce cholesterol and to supply the body with needed nutrients and vitamins for optimal functioning of the body.
Go for nature treks once in 6 months. A visit to a hill station or so. The relaxing effect soothes the stressed muscles of the heart.
Last but definitely not the least laugh out loud. Bring out the hilarious side of you. Laughter relates to a joyful mood. When you smile 16 muscles contract while you frown the number is 52. Hence smile or laugh a lot to have a healthy heart.


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