At 6.5 kg, smallest baby undergoes liver transplant in Navi Mumbai

A critically ill 14-month-old baby underwent a liver transplant surgery in Navi Mumbai-based Apollo Hospital. According to the hospital, Ram Mistry is the smallest baby at 6.5 kg to have undergone a liver transplant in Maharashtra. The baby’s aunt donated a part of her liver to save his life.

Ram was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease due to a rare congenital condition called Biliary Atresia which progressed to advanced liver cirrhosis within months of his birth.

Mumbai-based NGO ‘Transplants – Help the Poor’ Foundation helped the family with arranging financial help for the transplant.

Speaking about the case, Dr Darius F Mirza, Head of the liver transplant, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai said, “Biliary atresia is a rare disease in newborns where the liver’s bile ducts are absent and require surgical correction. In Ram’s case, the transplant was needed very early. His aunt stepped forward to donate part of her liver. Our goal is to provide life-saving liver transplantation to all such children regardless of their family’s ability to afford this treatment. While the disease will not regenerate, he will be put on long-term medication.”

Ishani Mistry, Ram’s mother, said, “It was stressful and traumatic to see that our child was going through all this at such a tender age. We are grateful to the doctors and to all those who came forward to help us through their donations and contributions. I am indebted to my sister who came forward to donate a part of her liver.”

Dr Narendra Trivedi, CEO, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, said, “The gesture of his aunt coming forward to donate part of her liver is admirable. The liver is the only organ that grows by itself even after having donated a part of it.”


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